Infinity Graphene Race Spec 4S 1500mah 90c




Brand: Infinity
Voltage: 14.8V
Weight: 175 grams
Size: 31 * 34 * 85 (MM)
Standard: 1500mah 90c 4s1p
Output: Output: 13 Silicone wire + SY60 plug
Support 15C rapid charging
Excellent battery quality. High reliability
Explosive power, ultra-low internal resistance, monomer internal resistance as low as 1.X
Has a longer cycle life than similar products, a higher discharge platform.Better resistance to shares rose capacity
Note: aircraft battery is a professional product, the battery internal protection circuit,
charge and discharge must be strictly in accordance with the standard use,You must use professional charger
Package Included:
1 x Infinity 1500mah Race Spec Lipo Battery